Raewyn Lawrence, River, 2018 (detail)


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Vida Sobottka
Vida Sobottka
Remains to be seen
Sat 30 November 2019 - Sun 5 January 2020

Artist Vida Sobottka explores the idea of reliquaries in this exhibition. Traditionally about holy nuance and the use of relics in devotional practice, sainted body parts, objects and possessions were elevated beyond the mundane through the ornate containers created by the finest craftsmen of the age. These precious, lavishly decorated containers had a spiritual and symbolic value that legitimised and sanctified their contents to inspire personal and communal devotion.

Public Programs

Artist talk - Sat 30 November, 11:00am
Ngaranggal Muruda (Women\'s Footprints)
Ngaranggal Muruda (Women's Footprints)
Sat 11 January - Sun 9 February 2020

Ngaranggal Muruda (Women’s Footprints) is a Bas curated exhibition of artworks by female Aboriginal artists from across Australia. This mixed media exhibition celebrates the strength and diversity of Aboriginal expression and culture from a female perspective – at both a local and national level, and includes prominent Eurobodalla artist, Cheryl Davison. This exhibition was made possible by the generosity of Christina Kennedy of Eurobodalla’s Horse Island.

Public Programs

Panel discussion - Sat 11 January, 11:00am
Carmel Cox and Paul Dimmer
Carmel Cox and Paul Dimmer
The Collector and the Alchemist
Sat 15 February - Sun 8 March 2020

In a quest to create a distinct experience, the artists have become both collector and alchemist, exploring and experimenting with both 2D and 3D forms.

Public Programs

Artist talk - Sat 15 February, 11:00am
The Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre recognises Aboriginal people as the original inhabitants and custodians of all land and water in the Eurobodalla and respects their enduring cultural and spiritual connection to it. The Bas acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land in which we live and pays respect to Elders past, present and future.