Painting by Merv Moriarty and pastel drawing by Prue Acton. banner image

Art exhibition Merv Moriarty | Colour II and Prue Acton | Yellow Works


Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 4pm

This is a joint exhibition featuring a partnership of works between Prue Acton and the late Merv Moriarty.

Merv Moriarty | Colour II

Colour ll is a touring exhibition by artist Merv Moriarty, an art educator and founder of the Flying Arts Alliance. This exhibition has been shown throughout regional Queensland and received a number of rave reviews from the local communities.

Colour II, follows the success of Moriarty’s retrospective 2016 exhibition Colour, held in Brisbane to commemorate the Flying Arts Alliance’s 45th Anniversary. The exhibition aims to continue his legacy and honour the original exhibition, by showcasing the impact and influence of Moriarty’s teaching and entrepreneurial spirit through the works on exhibit.

Prue Acton | Yellow Works

Yellow Works encompasses seasonal works based on Prue's love of nature and the relationships we have with it. Through the use soft pastels on prepared paper Prue explores still life, in various lighting.

Works on exhibit showcase seasonal works, capturing paper daisies in the summer, displays of autum fruits and wattles from June to September. Prue's variation of using back lit, soft light and full sun unveils the depth of colour in her pieces.

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