Lola Cullen - My Journey


Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 4pm

The retrospective, My Journey, Lola Cullen looks at the artist’s extensive body of work from over the past fifty years. Printmaking, collage and painting have been Cullen’s main tools of expression. Representing and deconstructing the landscape from the NSW outback to the coast and its urban interior. My Journey also showcases Cullen’s ability to continually reinvent her practice, evolving interests and approaches reflect Cullen’s main focus – the infinitely changing landscape.

Lola Cullen a girl from outback country, where animals run wild, and the sky was her lowest ceiling. Acres of space allowed her imagination to soar and spin…

Lola Cullen’s artwork explores vitality and feelings that come from being in the landscape. She employs the use of texture and collage to show the ruggedness of the land, and incorporates discarded and found objects referencing the intersection of the anthropogenic era. Weather patterns, wind, erosion all have temporal effects on landscapes which Lola tries to convey in an abstract way through various painterly and printing techniques.

I feel like the land is part of me and I am part of the land, having spent most my life in the outback. My work always returns to landscape as I am endlessly fascinated by the energy in nature. Sometimes it is so subtle and other times it is so powerful and so bold. I endeavour to capture these facets by creating multiple layers, patterns and textures in my work in the hope that these tactile, sensory elements will give the viewer an impression of ‘being there’ too.” – Lola Cullen.

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