Artwork by Greta Cooper titled grey shrike thrush. banner image

Art exhibition: Greta Cooper - Life After the Wildfires


Exhibition opening: Saturday 30 April 2022, 4pm

Exhibition hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 10am-2pm

'Life after the Wildfires' is a series of 16 expressive, colourful artworks on paper, each with a corresponding handmade brush as Greta's responses to the effects of the 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires in Moruya, where Greta grew up.

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Each piece has been painted, screen-printed and mono-printed creating a layered effect like the Australian bush and its many layers. The brushes are handmade by Greta from objects found on her daily walks through the bush in the area around the old Moruya tip site. When Greta walked through the bush collecting materials to make her brushes, she would notice the small changes in the bush as it regenerated.

Greta’s handmade brushes represent a symbol of hope and were dipped in ink and used to mark the surface of the paper. They also form part of the exhibition, providing the audience an insight as to how the artworks were marked by them. The leaves, feathers, grasses and manufactured objects like rope and a metal spoon all created interesting and different patterns on the paper.

Recordings of birds and wildlife from the bush also form part of the exhibition, the audio will transport the viewer to the bush as they walk through the exhibition, creating a deeper atmosphere complimenting the artworks.

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