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Art exhibition: Lizette Richards and Miriam Shilling - Practice what you teach


Exhibition opening: Friday 2 June, 5-8pm

Exhibition hours: Wednesday - Monday, 10am-4pm

Bas About Town presents local artists and high school visual arts teachers, Lizette Richards and Miriam Shilling with their exhibition Practice what you teach.

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Both women have been teaching art for over 20 years and have spent many years specialising in their chosen media.

Lizette is a skilled silversmith, creating wearable items in silver, gold and various materials. She also explores ideas in clay and produces functional ceramics.

Miriam paints with watercolour on paper. She also makes hand built ceramic forms as a basis for underglaze painting.

Teaching has proved to be a way of enhancing their own art making as well as inspiring their students. They believe the more you can simplify and break down the components that make great art, the more you can achieve it in your own work.

Public programs

As part of the Practice what you teach exhibition program, the artists will be running the following events:

  • Opening night: Friday 2 June, 5-8pm
  • Short workshops:

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