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Art exhibition: Mary Watson and Steve Fox - Mary's story told with a friend

Exhibition dates: online exhibition.

Mary Watson established Mary’s Place Art Gallery, Sydney Street, Mogo in 2005. Mary’s Place, as its name suggests was Mary’s home, studio and gallery, filled with her life treasures.

Tragically on 31 December 2019, bush fires swept through Mogo, Mary’s Place was sadly destroyed. Mary then eighty years old, with no car or means of transport, was thankfully taken to safety at 5.30am by her friend Peter.

The exhibition Mary’s story told with a friend, is based on Mary’s story from the time of the fires. Since the fires, Mary has moved from place to place, trying to gain some form of security and normality. Throughout this ordeal Mary has tried to keep her creative spirit alive by keeping a visual diary and making entries in her 11”x 14” sketchbook.

Her sketchbook is filled with beautiful drawings and watercolours telling her story and anguish throughout this difficult time. Steve Fox has been documenting these times with photographs, together they have also managed to salvage ceramics from the ashes of the fire that destroyed Mary’s Place.

The exhibition showcases a variety of works on paper, photographs, salvaged ceramics and some new works by Mary.

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