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Cherish Nature - Group exhibition


Exhibition opening: Friday 13 October, 5-7pm

Exhibition hours: Daily, 10am-3pm

Bas About Town is proud to present Cherish Nature, an exhibition featuring our natural environment - its character, beauty, light and natural patterns, including endangered wildlife and their habitats.

Preview the exhibition

Immerse yourself in scenery from forests, wetlands and the marine world, exploring details of flowers, birds, insects and other creatures. Experience the joy and exquisiteness of nature, as well as the unfortunate impacts from destructive forces.

The artworks feature a variety of media, paints, photography and pottery.

Featured artists

  • Margaret Allen
  • Kristen Arrayet
  • Lynda Burke
  • Janet Carr
  • Susan Christie
  • Jane Elek
  • Garry Kemp
  • Marie Lund
  • Sue Murray
  • Marie Nicholson
  • Fiona Parke
  • Juliet Ramsay
  • David Ramsland
  • Alarna Sims
  • Christine Sullivan
  • Heide Weber
  • Sheryl Miller

Public programs

As part of the Cherish Nature exhibition program, the artists will be running the following event:

  • Opening event: Friday 13 October 2023, 5-7pm

More information

For more information contact Juliet Ramsay:

We would like to advise for publicity purposes, video footage and photographs are taken at our events and exhibitions. If you do not wish to be included, please notify Creative Arts Officer, Sue Blackburn: