Oil on linen by Daniel Allam titled From where we came to walk and return. banner image

Daniel Allam

Exhibition: The sublime and the beautiful (the search for inside out contentment)
Exhibition dates: Saturday 19 November - Sunday 4 December 2022
Exhibition open: Daily, 10am-2pm

Bas About Town presents Dalmeny-based artist Daniel Allam and his exhibition 'The sublime and the beautiful (the search for inside out contentment)'.

Allam’s works reflect his response to events, contemplation, blue sea, sky and things that fly. He primarily works with oil paint, drawing influences from J.M.W. Turner, Munch and Tacita Dean, and the coastal environment where he lives.

This exhibition takes the audience on a voyage through the eyes of the artist, searching for that special something only nature can provide; presenting views of the coast where encounters with wildlife are a regular occurrence.

It is a quest for that inner feeling, brought to us from the outside environment.

Preview of work