Artwork by Margaret Fegent titled Zig Zag Railway. banner image

Southern Highlands Printmakers group profile

Since the groups establishment in 1993, the Southern Highlands Printmakers (SHP) have represented quality, innovation, support and engagement.

The group is based in the Southern Highlands of NSW and currently have 23 exhibiting members. Members hail from Canberra, South Coast and the Southern Highlands.

The focus of the group is mutual support for each other’s professional practice, organising exhibitions of members work and developing links to other printmaking groups in Australia and further afield.

Over the years the SHP has built a reputation for quality and innovation with members exhibiting, locally, nationally and internationally.

Preview of work

  • Michelle Cole
  • Slavica Zivcovic
  • Fran Ifould
  • Sheila Lyne
  • Margot Rushton
  • Basil Hall
  • Sandra Shrubb
  • Lynne Flemons
  • Linda Bottari
  • Gill Baldock
  • Tony Deigan
  • Phoebe Middleton
  • Lisa Brack
  • Dorothy Freeman
  • Lucia Parrella
  • Britta Stenmanns
  • Kathie Atkinson
  • Jenine Bailey
  • Kathryn Orton
  • Patti Jones
  • Marianne Courtenay
  • John Hart
  • Liz Jeneid
  • Alan Purdom
  • Elizabeth Burton
  • Margaret Fegent