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Spiral Gallery group profile

Established January 1997, Spiral Gallery Co-operative is a not for profit artist-run gallery and caters to a broad range of artists. The gallery is a hub for artistic creativity, supporting both established and emerging local artists to exhibit in the only open access gallery in Bega.

Over the past 25 years, Spiral Gallery has forged ahead, becoming one of the most well-known icons in the Bega Valley. The gallery prides itself in working in partnership with a diverse range of artists and organisations, to foster and support the development of creative arts throughout the region.

It offers opportunities for artists to develop new work for exhibition and sale and is supported by a team of artists in a shared professional exhibition space. An average of 450 artists exhibit over 16 exhibitions annually, in a variety of solo, groups, and exhibits by the Spiral members. There are currently 24 volunteer members who manage, develop and promote the gallery and also create works for exhibition and sale.

Membership in the Spiral Gallery Co-operative provides opportunities for furthering an artist’s practice and gives many creative avenues to gain technical skills and first hand exhibiting experience.

Preview of work

25+ exhibition featured artists

  • Rachel Annabel
  • Vivienne Arnott
  • Pauline Balos
  • David Beck
  • Nancy Brunton
  • Anna Buck
  • Zoe Burke
  • Heather Burness
  • Traci Chambers
  • Susan Chancellor
  • Keith Coleman
  • Jan Collingridge
  • Sharon Cornthwaite
  • Lorna Crane
  • Barbara Crowden
  • Susan Curran
  • Sunaina Dankher Lohkan
  • Catherine Drinan
  • Jane Dwyer
  • Kim Falkenmire
  • Annie Franklin
  • Bob Georgeson
  • Joy Georgeson
  • Ray Hamilton
  • Reiko Healy
  • Kathryn Hede
  • Cathy Jarratt
  • Nat Kirby
  • Judith Lamb
  • Kelly-Ann Lees
  • Kathleen McCann
  • Eve McConnell
  • Yemaya Grace Maitri
  • Helen Martin
  • Tim Moorhead
  • Glenda Morgan
  • Helen Morris
  • Jane Murphy
  • Veronica O’Leary
  • June Orr
  • Anneke Paijmans
  • Lauraine Parker
  • Hilary Peterson
  • Gabrielle Powell
  • Donna Ransom
  • Alison Rhodes (Max)
  • Tanja Riese
  • Jacqui Ryding
  • Karen Sedaitis
  • Alexandra Seddon
  • Anna Senior
  • Steve Stafford
  • Diana Stewart
  • David Stocker
  • Tony Sweeting
  • Claudia Tasche
  • Moira Turnbull
  • Nicole Vandersteegen

NSW Government LogoThe 25+ exhibition is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.