Geoffrey Odgers

Profile - Geoffrey Odgers

Odgers is a self-taught artist living in Tuross Head on NSW's south coast. He completed a letterpress printing apprenticeship through Melbourne's College of Printing and Graphic Art (1965 -69) as a means of a creative outlet in the pre-Whitlam era of free tertiary study.

Odgers realised his vocation at an early age. He recalls at seven or eight years of age seeing the vivid, colourful illuminations from the family bible, and the wildly exuberant Uccello's The Battle of San Romano - complete with lances toppling and dancing throughout the composition.

He cites the artistic influences of his late teen years as the assemblages of Schwitters and Tatlin, and the frottage of Ernst. The 1967 touring exhibition Two Decades of American Painting completed his foundation in the principles and aesthetics of modern art practices.

Odgers' theoretical interests lie in aesthetic ideology, where art is made for its own sake - rather than didactic, teaching or narrative functions.  He acknowledges the role of positive creativity, or positive utilitarianism, where the main purpose of art is to promote the positive, intrinsic value of art.

Having spent a decade living and working in Papua New Guinea in the 1970s and moving to the south coast in 2014, Odgers' art is immersed in his surrounding landscape. He recalls his response to the 2019-2020 bushfires as inspiring a renewed vision and driver for creative images.


  • 13 solo exhibitions in Papua New Guinea, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide
  • featured in 45 juried group exhibitions
  • recently selected for three international online juried exhibitions including Drawing and Abstracts, Aird Gallery, Canada
  • chosen as one of 25 international artists to be published in the book Omnia Vincit Amor by the Italian Collagists Collective, 2022
  • Winner - Eurobodalla River of Art Prize 2021 with his painting titled Burnt Offerings
  • Finalist - Elaine National Bermingham Watercolour Prize 2023
  • Finalist - Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2024
  • Mosaic artworks included in virtual exhibitions in Uruguay and internationally through the Ceramic & Mosaic Art 2 group (CMA2).